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April 11, 2024
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April 9, 2024

Has Amelia Earhart’s plane been found? Recent discovery unravels decades old mystery

USA Today

Amelia Earhart, the first Woman Aviation Pioneer, has captured aviation researchers for 86 years ever since her plane disappeared. Earhart studied aviation at Columbia University then at University of Southern California. Her love for flying was obvious ever since she was a little girl.

Earhart set out on her trip, hoping to be the first woman to circumnavigate the globe. She set out on July 2nd, 1937. She was rumored to have been last seen near Howland Island in the Central Pacific Ocean. Since 1937, it remained a mystery as to where her last location was.

Sonar Images of Deep Sea Vision’s possible discovery of Earhart’s plane

Recently though, Deep Sea Vision, a marine robotics company in South Carolina says undersea scans produced a blurry sonar image that may be Earhart’s plane, the Lockheed 10-E Electra. Tony Romeo, the Deep Se

a Vision’s CEO, says that the image appears to be a plane on the seafloor, about 100 miles from Howland Isla

nd, the island that Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan were heading for.

In comparison to the Titanic, the aircraft of about 16,400 feet, while the Titanic was found at about 12,500.

Other attempts made to find the aircraft date back to when Earhart was first deemed to be missing. Her last words were radioed at about 8pm on July 2nd, then she was not heard from again. The Navy and the US Coast Guard spent 16 days searching the area, but eventually, they were pronounced dead on January 5th, 1939.

In 2002, The Ocean Technology Company Nauticos, launched 3 expeditions in total, one in 2005 and the other in 2017, in search of Earhart’s plane.

Ted Waitt, a co-founder of a computer firm, financed an undersea search on the Western Side of Howland Island. Still, no evidence is found regarding their disappearance.

The most recent, in 2019, Robert Ballard, who discovered the wreck of the Titanic, made a deep sea search for Earhart’s plane around the Pacific atoll of Nikumaroro, but the same results were received, no sign of the plane.

All attempts made have led to dead ends, until now through Deep Sea Visions most recent discovery. As technology has further advanced, the possible discovery of Earhart’s plane was simple.

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