NBA2K22 Review


Joshua Little, Reporter/Writer

NBA2K22 is the twenty-third edition of the NBA2K series videogame. NBA2k has gotten a lot of negative reviews from their users over the past 5 years. The pros of this year’s new game is the new rosters, new teams and new jerseys. The main selling point of the game, MyCareer mode had a huge update taking out and adding things in to make the game more fair. The developers removed and patched speed boosting , which is a chained combination of dribble moves that lots of 2k players used to get their MyPlayer to speed past other opponents players to get an easy basketball.  As a sports gamer, NBA2K22 has been the worst 2K game since the 2017 release NBA2K18. As a whole, the NBA2K community has been frustrated with the game. I would recommend this game to people who like to have fun and don’t take the game too seriously.