School Board Special Election In District 4

School Board Special Election In District 4

Michael Avery, Staff Reporter

Due to a vacant seat in the Powhatan County District 4 School Board earlier this year, Dr. James Taylor has filled the seat temporarily. On  February 15,  2022, there will be a  special election to fill the seat permanently. These are the candidates and what they want to accomplish:

Connie Thompson

Connie Thompson has 37 years experience in education. A few of her goals are:

  • “Students should learn critical thinking skills; they should not be told what to think.”
  • “Skills of reading, writing, science and math are keys in being successful in school, and they should be core of teaching in school.”
  • “Communication, respect, and trust between parents and teachers and teachers are essential.”

Dr. James Taylor

Dr. James Taylor is a local pastor with school age children. A few of his goals are:

  • Recruit excellent leadership with our new superintendent
  • Wants to restore Powhatan’s traditions in schools
  • Promote a disciplined learning environment
  • Wants to make sure that teaching is at the core of our county goals
  • Wants to focus on all whole-person education

Jennifer Cabaniss

Jennifer Cabaniss has worked with the PYAA and has school age children. A few of her goals are:

  • Improve custodial services
  • Better Management at the Bus Garage
  • Expanding Preschool at PLC
  • Capitalize on the potential of the Powhatan Landmark Center