The Holiday Will Never Be The Same


Jadyn Palka, Staff Reporter

The holidays are going to be different for a lot of families around the world this year. Some families have lost their loved ones or can’t see their loved ones because of health issues. For those reasons some people are not going to be very happy during the upcoming  holidays. 

Family loss has happened to a lot of people around the world  this past year due to covid and multiple other things. It is going to be difficult for a lot of people this year to get used to their loved ones not being there. You might be used to them not being at  home or at dinner, but the holidays like Thanksgiving or Christmas  are just different. For a lot of people this will be  the first big holiday without them. 

Due to the past year in a half of covid it has caused others to not be able to see their loved ones due to risk of giving them covid or underlying health issues. There have been many losses due to covid and overall any medical reasons and it can be difficult for families to spend the holidays without them. During big holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, those are the times when people take off and spend the most time with their families to enjoy laughter and fun with them. It makes a major difference knowing that you won’t get to have more holidays with them.

So for these upcoming holidays check up on your friends and loved ones because these times aren’t easy.