Then and Now

Then and Now

Jadyn Palka, Staff Reporter

Covid continues to have an impact on Powhatan Schools. The Powhatan School systems are enforcing the 3 feet rule and they are requiring that all people in the school building wear masks.

The past school year was really different. We were on the hybrid plan, and no one was in the school at the same time. Last school year students had to walk one way in the hallway, stay six feet apart, and had to wear masks at all times. Last year was a different school year than we were  used to but this year is an improvement.

 Everyone is back in school. They are still requiring everyone to wear masks in the buildings. There is no one way hallway anymore. Now you get to sit with your friends at lunch.We see recovery with social life, mental health. All we can do is hope that everything will soon go back to normal.

Covid will continue to have a blow, but all we can do is hope that it is going to have a good impact on this school year.