2021 MLB Playoffs


Ty Green, Reporter/Writer

The 2021 MLB Playoffs had a very exciting start last Tuesday with the Yankees taking on the Red Sox. The Red Sox however took the win securing their matchup in the divisional round against the Tampa Bay Rays. On the National League side of things the St. Louis Cardinals took on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Once again the home team came out on top. Thus advancing them to the National League Divisional Series. 


On the National League side of things, the Dodgers advanced to take on the San Francisco Giants. The other National League Divisional Series matchup was the Braves and the Brewers.

On the American League side of things we had Red Sox vs. Rays and White Sox vs. Astros. The winners in each of those of those series will take on eachother in the League Championship Series’.


The Astros and Red Sox advanced to face each other in the ALCS beginning on October 15. Neither team was favored to move on throughout these playoffs, with each one taking on a team with a better record than them. The NLCS began Saturday, October 16 with the Braves taking on either the Dodgers. Just like the World Series, the Championship Series is a best of 7 game set if necessary, with a team needing to win 4 games to move on to the World Series.


The San Francisco Giants (the team with MLB’s best record all season)  were knocked off by the Los Angeles Dodgers in an electric 5 game Divisional Series set that came down to the very last swing. Which was actually kind of controversial with a check swing and people not knowing if the batter actually broke the plane. 


The 2021 MLB World Series is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, October 26. If necessary game 7 (the final game) of the World Series would take place on Wednesday, November 3. This will be the 117th edition of the Fall Classic. The record for the most championships still sits at 27 with the New York Yankees. The Yankees once again continued their longest drought in franchise history this year in not making the World Series for 12 years straight.