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Photo of the Day
March 4, 2024

The End

Since the beginning of time humanity has wondered what could happen after this life, is it an eternity in the Heavens, a restart in another life, or nothing at all. The end can be a very scary thing for most people with the uncertainty of the final end.

What could be out in the great beyond the afterlife? Many nations and individuals have argued and warred over this answer. In the past, we have had many beliefs about what happens after we die, but how do people learn to accept death and no longer fear it. This is a person’s driving force in the world to find something to believe and help cope with the concept of death in this mortal world. But how can we learn to cope with the inevitable end?

The end, while it can be very scary, is an inevitable ending for all of our lives. We should all accept it and embrace the end without fear. However, it is very scary for most people because they don’t know what to expect.

Some people have wondered if they could find out what happens when you die before their death. These attempts have had some success although many doubt them. These include summoning ghosts, looking for haunted houses or using tools of science to contact the undead. We have had many accounts of people in history who have claimed to have visions of the gods and the heavens and hells of various religions. However the people and other religions doubt these things to be true. So no one really knows what could possibly be out there with all the confusion and disagreement.

So how can one learn to truly understand and accept what comes after life if no one can seem to agree on one thing. The best thing to do is let everyone live their own lives until they die and let everyone accept their own fate in the end.  


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Scott Blankenship, Contributor
Scott Blankenship is a Junior at Powhatan High School, this is his first year in journalism. He joined journalism to learn more about the field of journalism and writing on the paper seemed interesting. His special interests include reading, writing, and playing music.

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