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Photo of the Day
Photo of the Day
March 4, 2024

Russia testing nuclear warfare

Russia MoD

On November 5, Russia tested their nuclear Bulava missile from the Emperor Alexander the III, a nuclear submarine. The Bulava missile is equipped with six nuclear warheads, which are the parts that contain the explosive agent. When the missile was test launched from underwater, it hit a practice target from 3,000 miles away, that is over the distance from the West to East coast of the contiguous United States. 

After the launch, the Russian Defense Ministry made a statement saying, “The new nuclear-powered strategic missile submarine cruiser Emperor Alexander the Third has successfully launched the Bulava sea-based intercontinental ballistic missile.”

The Bulava is the newest nuclear warfare technology that Russia has tested since the cold war. This is because President Putin just revoked the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1996. The treaty is now not in effect for Russia and other key countries such as the United States, China, and Iran. 

When asked what he thought the relationship between the US and Russia was right now, spokesperson Dmitry Peskov states, “Relations are at zero- or I would say below zero.” 

Now that Russia is testing nuclear weapons again, officials are concerned about what this means for the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

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Baily Hacker, Assistant Editor
Baily Hacker is a Sophomore at Powhatan High School and is an assistant editor for the PHS Arrowhead. In Baily's free time she likes baking, drawing, and hanging out with her friends and cats. She lives with her mom, dad, four cats, and sixteen chickens. Baily believes the news is important because so many people rely on it to know what is happening in the world. Her dream college is JMU and she wants to travel the world.

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