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Photo of the Day
March 4, 2024

The impact behind losing a loved one at a young age

The impact behind losing a loved one at a young age

Losing someone you love and care for is one of the most heartbreaking situations you can be put in as a student. You go through waves of grief and it gives you an empty feeling, like a piece of your heart and soul was ripped away.

Students can feel guilty when they lose a family member. They go over scenarios in their head on what they could’ve done or said differently. Many become angry at themselves because they feel they could have put more effort into their relationship with the person who has passed. Lots of students lose sleep, their interest in normal daily activities, and their appetite.


It is especially difficult for students to show up for school. They can struggle to keep track of their grades and to concentrate in class with all the stress and mixed emotions they are feeling. On top of everything, schools only let students miss a small number of days before they take disciplinary action. This leads to students not being given the appropriate amount of time off school they need to grieve.

As the holidays come around it can become a more difficult time for students dealing with loss. The holidays can make the absence of their loved one passing more apparent and real. The death may have been suddenly before the holidays and they might have been looking forward to spending time with them around the holidays, which makes the absence of their presence very painful.

You never know what people are going through and it is best to always be kind. Not everyone likes to be open about their feelings and prefers to keep their business to themselves. This is why schools talk so much about being kind to everyone whether you like the person or not.


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Kaitlin Farmer, Staff Reporter
Kaitlin is a junior at Powhatan High School, and staff reporter in journalism. This is her second year doing journalism, she started in freshman year and came back her junior year. She is very shy and awkward and loves playing video games, reading, and art.
Evelina Moyer, contributor
Evelina Moyer is a Sophomore at Powhatan High School. She is a contributor for the PHS Arrowhead. In her free time she plays basketball, reads, listens to music, surfs, and hangs out with friends. Evelina believes that news is important because it is a good way to know what is going on in the world.

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