Everyone deserves a chance to dance


Clara McComb

This past weekend at Deep Run High School the Miracles in Motion dance troupe held their annual recital. Their show was titled “Unstoppable” and that title truly captures the essence of the students that were performing. 

Miracles in Motion is a non profit dance company that is made especially for children and teenagers with special needs. These students train all year long to perfect their dances and technique with the help of professional instructors and incredible volunteers. 

This extraordinary company was started 16 years ago in 2007. The owner and director of Miracles in Motion, Kim Moncreif decided to start the studio when her son Logan was born with down syndrome.

Moncreif had a love for dance for as long as she could remember and was a part of the professional dance industry. When Kim realized that there wouldn’t be a place for Logan and other kids like her son in the normal dance world she was inspired to found Miracles in Motion. 

The environment that Moncreif has created at her studio is like no other. Her program helps children with disabilities gain confidence and grow not only as dancers but as people. Every child there is truly beyond a “normal” dancer. 

Their 2023 “Unstoppable” recital was magic to witness. There wasn’t a single dry eye in the audience when the students were on stage. It was amazing to see how all of their hard work had paid off and how talented and inspiring people can be when they’re just given a chance. 

Miracles in Motion also featured a variety of guest performers at their show. These guests got to show off their own dances while also interacting with the students at Miracles in Motion and being a helping hand wherever they were needed.

The entire experience of being around the incredibly sweet students at Miracles in Motion and having the opportunity to watch them perform is a truly extraordinary experience. The environment and mission that Kim Moncreif has created through her studio has had such a positive impact on not only her students but the communities and families around them as well.

Everyone deserves a chance to dance and it’s wonderful that Kim has provided that to everyone in need. 

You can check out their website here to learn more about the amazing things going on over at their studio.