The NHL Playoffs are Heating Up


Luke Futrell, Staff Reporter

The NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are in full swing as the second round starts today Tuesday, May 2nd. 

With an exciting first round coming to a close last week only eight teams will advance to the second round. The Florida Panthers won the series four games to three, defeating the Boston Bruins. Tampa Bay Lightning was defeated by the Toronto Maple Leafs 4-2. The Carolina Hurricanes gave the New York Islanders a run for their money winning the series 4-2. The New Jersey Devils and the New York Rangers battled it out until game seven of the series, but the Devils ended up winning the series 4-3. 

The Western Conference also had a thrilling first round. The Colorado Avalanche and the Seattle Kraken duked it out until the final game of the series, but Seattle was able to take the win, winning the series 4-3. The Dallas Stars had an exciting run against the Minnesota Wild winning 4-2. The Vegas Golden Knights came out swinging against the Winnipeg Jets, winning the series 4-1. Lastly, the Edmonton Oilers just barely defeated the Los Angeles Kings, winning 4-2. 

The second round is bound to have fans on the edge of their seats. The Vegas Golden Knights will be facing off against the Edmonton Oilers, the Dallas Stars will be playing the Seattle Kraken, the Panthers are matching up against the Maple Leafs and the Devils from New Jersey will take on the Carolina Hurricanes.