Girls Soccer Update


Photo Credit: Gart Heller

Savannah Forkey, Staff Reporter

Girls Soccer is now halfway through their season so let’s briefly look back on how it has gone so far. Both teams have several games to go but have seen all of there opponents once and will now meet those teams again.

 First the JV team. They currently have a winning record of 4-3-1. They have beaten Monacan, Clover Hill, and Manchester twice. They have also lost to Midlothian, Cosby and James River as well as tied Godwin. All but one of their wins have been shutouts and they are hoping to secure a few more wins in the coming weeks as their season comes to a close.

Now let’s look back on how the varsity team has done up to this point. Varsities record is currently 3-5-0 but the second half of their season is looking very promising. They have beaten LC Bird, and Manchester twice. They have lost to Midlothian, Monacan, James River, Clover Hill and Cosby. All of their wins this season have been shutouts. After losing 4 straight games early in the season they have turned it around and have won two of there last three games. They are hopeful that they will be able to beat a few of the teams they have lost close games to.

Both teams face off against Midlothian tonight (Thursday, April 27, 2023) with JV playing at 5:30pm and varsity playing at 7:00pm. Come out and support your fellow indians if you can!