Biggest US document leak in modern history



Baily Hacker, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday April 13, US officials were made aware that dozens of top secret government documents were leaked over Discord, a popular online platform for gamers. The FBI is still searching for the culprit behind the leak and the Pentagon is internally investigating itself. 

Between all the leaked files people can piece together that the US government has been spying on our Allied Countries for years, such as Israel and South Korea. How will they react when they find out the United States has been keeping close tabs on their every move? Will there be a fallout which ends in World War Three?

Citizens of the U.S. have learned that there are multiple spies that have infiltrated the Russian government and have been sending detailed reports back to the U.S. government. They have relayed classified information about Russia such as when they plan to strike Ukraine, about their war machines, and the state of their government. As of now, it is uncertain if Russia has viewed the reports, although it is likely they have. This affects the lives of U.S. citizens who are in danger and may have to evacuate their undercover stations in the Russian government.

This means the military, high-ranking political officials, and alliances between foreign countries are all in jeopardy. 

Questions still remain regarding how this man had access to top secret government documents. It begs the question, was he working with someone? Will he leak more information while he is at large? How consequent were his actions in regards to the United States government? But most importantly, are our allies still our allies?