FBLA State competition in Reston VA


Lilyana Hamilton, Staff Reporter

Early in the morning on Mar. 31 twelve members of the FBLA club traveled up to Reston VA to compete in the State bowl. This competition took place at Hyatt Regency Hotel and was also where the team spent the night. Multiple members competed in more than one event including Ella Green, Clara Lively, and Ella Yarhouse. 

FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America. The club is often rewarded with the ability to learn leadership skills and learn how to pursue a career in business. There are many events that you can compete in. Some of them include accounting, personal finance, and securities & investments. 

In these competitions students must know as much as possible about the subject they are competing in. All of them are different, ranging from group events to individual ones. Public speaking is a major part of these events and contributes to your score, as well as preparedness and presentation.

During the competition there were workshops available to members when they weren’t competing. Although many members went to Reston town center to eat food. Scotty Sander was a guest speaker at the competition and spoke about the 8 keys to success.

Awards were at 8:00 pm on Saturday night. Everyone gave it their all, but nobody qualified for nationals.  

Congratulations to the entire FBLA team for working hard and trying their best. The courage and confidence of all of these team members is very inspiring!