Phantom of the Opera Ends Broadway Run


Lauren Pike, Staff Reporter

On April 16 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera” ended its record breaking broadway run. The show first debuted on Broadway in 1988 and stayed on the iconic street for 35 years.

This show is iconic for many reasons, one of them being its unique chandelier which crashes during the show. The chandelier is so iconic that it got its own bow after the last performance. Along with the chandelier other iconic props got spontaneous applause during the show.

The event itself was invite only, the crowd was filled with many veterans of the show’s 35 year run, other artists, and special ticket winners.

According to The New York Times, at the end of this emotional night, Andrew Lloyd Webber spoke about his feelings on the ending of the broadway run saying “It’s just amazing, really, what has happened.” He also proceeded to dedicate this final run to his son who had died 3 weeks prior to the show.

With its final run being so viral, demands for tickets spiked leaving it to end as the highest grossing broadway show. Although it is sad seeing it go, it is widely accepted that the show needed a long deserved rest.