New Rules, Same MLB


William Karanian, Reporter

After the 2022 season, the MLB had some problems. Increased game time, drawn out innings, and less viewership were affecting the MLB. In contrast to these problems the MLB decided to implement some new rules. 

Before this year, Infielders could shift across the diamond as they pleased, which took away some of the fun for hitters. A shift is when a player moves from his position to play where a hitter normally hits the ball. Although shifts have been a part of the game since its creation, a new change could bring more attention and fun to the game. The new rule requires shortstops to stay in between 3rd and 2nd base, and second basemen to stay in between 2nd and 1st. 

The MLB has also decided to increase the size of the bases, which will bring big changes.  The League has upped the size of the bases from 15 inches in diameter to 18 inches, while this doesn’t seem like a large amount it is, the bases are drastically bigger in appearance on the field. This will reduce the amount of collisions and injuries and is the best change the MLB has brought. Players have been in support of changing the bases for a while and are very excited about this new change. 

The third and biggest change the MLB has brought is its initiation of a pitch clock. The new pitch clock rules state that pitchers have 15 seconds to begin the motion to throw the ball with the bases empty and 20 seconds with runners on base. If the pitcher does not pitch the ball in that timeframe he is charged with a ball. The hitter, however, must also be ready in the batter’s box. He must be facing and looking at the pitcher with eight seconds left on the clock. If the batter violates the rule he gets charged with a strike.This change by far has had the most backlash. Part of the game is the long struggle mentally and physically between the pitcher and batter. This change rushes the game and doesn’t allow the batter to become ready to hit. An unfair advantage is given to the pitcher from this new change. The MLB created the pitch clock to enhance and speed up the lengthy run time of a MLB game. 

Although controversial these new changes have  caused a buzz and hype for the next MLB season, hopefully it lives up to the hype, and these changes can affect the game in a positive way.