Third time’s a charm!


Gracelin Watts, Staff Reporter

Third time’s the charm! After two failed attempts to hold the annual Powderpuff game, the third one stuck. Hours and hours of preparation were beginning to be questioned by participants and hopelessness was lingering. The wait was worth it! 


Powderpuff had a great turnout with a warm weathered night. The Seniors and Juniors went head to head battling it out for the winning Powderpuff title. The seniors came out strong for their last Powderpuff and earned a well deserved win. The final score was 22-6. 


Taylor Fitzsimmons, Sophie Payne, and Natalia Sanchez put the seniors on the scoreboard and led them to a victory. Seniors came in with a strong defense to put the Juniors to a humbling loss. 


This begs the question of where the tension was. What’s Powderpuff without a little friendly competition? Well, the Junior and Senior cheerleaders definitely brought their amicable rivalry. 


At the beginning of the game, the Seniors needed a few extra seats. They traveled over to the Juniors side and began to steal their bench. Trotting across the football field in their skirts and crop tops carrying the bench as one team united. 


The Juniors became fed up and stole one of the Senior cheerleaders toward the end of the game to make their statement of who is on top in contrast to who the winner of Powderpuff was. 


Although Seniors may have won the football game, there is still a debate on which of the two had better cheerleaders. 


Seniors, or as many call them the Brittany Spears, had an amazing performance with the iconic theme which reminded everyone of fun times past. 


Junior cheerleaders came out strong with their Powder Bomb entrance. Moving through their performance with flips, stunts, and sassy dancing, Juniors received great responses from the crowd. 


Little did the audience know, both Senior and Junior cheerleaders had some last minute changes to be made right before their amazing performances. Due to the constant rescheduling, a few participants were unable to attend. The cheerleaders quickly learned that these minor details made a huge difference. Filling people in missing spots at the last second still didn’t stop their passionate performance from putting out for the crowd.


A major thank you to the Powhatan community for the astounding turnout, once again.