On Feb. 22 CmPs team travels to middle school to help with transition to high school


Lilyana Hamilton, Staff Reporter

On Wednesday Feb. 22, the Community Problem Solving team (CmPs) traveled to the middle school to educate rising 9th graders and make their transition to high school easier. The CmPs team consists of 8 active members that have been working towards this goal since December.

The club’s sponsor is Mrs. Robertson, however it’s mostly student led. At 9:20, Mrs. Robertson drove the team from the high school to the middle school. They waited for the ACCT bell to ring and then it was go time. Each member was given 2 or 3 classes each to go in and give a brief explanation of the information on the presentations to the class. At the end each student was given a brochure with a little added information and QR codes for the presentation presented and example planners. Afterwards, they met back in the front office and made it back to the high school just in time for 5th block.

They meet roughly 2 or more times each week to work on displays, portfolios, and project reports. This year, the community’s problem that was brought to attention was the transition from 8th to 9th grade. Multiple surveys were conducted and sent out to teachers, 8th, and 9th graders. A sequence of questions were put on these surveys, but the most important was the free response where you could put anything you had concerns or questions about. 

With that, a presentation was created. The main topics were time management, locating classes, interactions with upperclassmen, clubs and activities, and change in workload. These topics were chosen carefully considering every response gathered from the surveys.