Hogwarts Legacy Does It Live up To The Hype?


Dylan Preston, Staff Reporter

I have played Hogwarts Legacy for around 15 hours now and I can confidently say it exceeds the hype. The game is an open world RPG (Role Playing Game) with a map that would take hours and hours to traverse across.

The games map is very large, but is rich in side quests and collectibles that can keep you entertained for hours on end. The main story is around 60 to 70 hours long, not including side quests, but the longer you can play the better. The progression system feels good and the skill tree is even better. You can put what this game calls talent points into dark magic, spells, stealth, room of requirements and core stats.

The voice acting is good, but I do have a few complaints about the cut scenes. The voices sometimes don’t match up with the people talking causing some important story scenes to lose meaning. Also, this game does so many fade to blacks when going into a cutscene or just simple dialogue between characters which is not the norm in newer games which use seamless transitions into a scene or dialogue. Overall Hogwarts Legacy is a must buy between the amazing story and captivating gameplay this game is a future game of the year.