Avatar: The Way of James Cameron

Cameron Christopher, Staff Reporter

The duology director James Cameron has done it again, Avatar: The Way of the Water was finally released on December 16th, 2022 after a long 13 year wait between the two movies.

Originally the movie was set to start filming in 1997 but director James Cameron pushed it off until 2007. Cameron thought that late 90s technology could not fully express his image therefore he wanted to wait for technology to improve.

The original Avatar is still to date the most grossing movie of all time coming in at 2.9 billion dollars in the box office. With Avatar: The Way of the Water following close behind with 1.17 billion dollars in the box office. Talking budget Avatar (2009) had a budget of 237 million dollars. The Avatar: The Way of the Water’s budget increased to 250 million dollars.

James Cameron’s Avatar is set in the 22nd century in ‘Pandora’. Breaking down what Avatar means. In Hindu mythology the noun Avatar means an incarnation of God. Which is resemblemed in James Cameron’s Avatar characters which are stronger, taller, and faster than humans. Along with the fact that they are blue. On top of that the Avatars live on ‘Pandora’. Which is best described as a world with animals and plants you could only dream of.

James Cameron is beyond particular on his technologies which is what makes his movies so appealing. In Avatar: The Way of the Water, Cameron says “nearly all the water is computer generated”. The Avatar sequel contains 60% CGI technology. The original Avatar comes in at the third best CGI films which only includes live action movies. James Cameron partnered with Vince Pace to create his own unique Fusion Camera System. The FCS creates images into 3-D with added depth.The stereoscopic 3-D system is nothing ever seen before. This system is used solely for James Cameron’s films.

Avatar (2009) was nominated for 9 Oscar awards and won a total of 3 Oscars. Now with Avatar: The Way of the Water having a longer show time, the question is will Avatar: The Way of the Water be able to follow in the footsteps of its original?