The concert experience of human connection


Cameron Christopher, Staff Reporter

Live music is a powerful experience where musicians have the opportunity to create a raw connection with their fans.

During the pandemic, live music was put to a pause. Numerous tours were canceled. But, how are artists acclimating to performing again? Musician Ralph said in an interview with CBC that “It was hard to remind myself that ‘I am a performer’ when I was just sitting at home in my pajamas.” Many musicians craved to be back on stage, with their fans.

Countless musicians themselves have had repercussions from contracting Covid-19. Musician Josh Groban says that “I tested negative (for Covid-19) like the day before I got to Detroit, and so my band and my production team had to basically do all their rehearsals without me. So, Detroit was kind of like my first rehearsal.” Over the past few years Covid-19 has made us feel less connected than ever. Now that musicians can perform again, we are reminded of how much live music was missed during Covid-19.

Throughout the years music has brought people together. “St. Vincent thanked his audience for “gathering around this communal bonfire that is live music “ LiveNation. Music has created friendships and long lasting memories. Since 2018 it is stated that we are in the “in real life” era, meaning human kind is valuing experiences over tangible items. 71% of people from the ages of 13-49 agree that “The moments that give me the most life are live experiences”.

“Before there were words, there was music.” ”

— LiveNation

Humans are social creatures and desire to be around others who feel the ‘same’ as them, which is why live music is such an attraction. Which is why 72% of Millennials, Gen Z, and Gen X’ers have driven over 100 miles to attend a live music event. Over two thirds of people from the ages 13-49 have been to a live music event in the last year.

The Live Nation study “Power of Live” proves that live music is taking over the world’s pastimes. Even though the population is surprised by the fact that live music events are more highly attended than sports events. Statistics don’t lie and it shows that the live music industry is worth 51.3 billion dollars and the live sport industry is worth 43.4 billion dollars.