God of War Ragnarok Review (Spoiler free)


God of War Ragnarok (2022)

Dylan Preston, Staff reporter

Guess what?  The new god of war game is out and it’s better than ever. This is the sixth main entry in the God of war series and it has not disappointed.

Kratos and Atreus are back as the greatest father and son duo in gaming, with Atreus being an older and more capable fighter. Now I won’t get into spoilers, but the story is jaw dropping you can find yourself playing then 2 hours have gone by.

Let’s talk about the progression system is about the same as before in God of War (2018), with improvements in the special attacks. God of war Ragnarok has a nice leveling system that rewards you for looking for better gear and leveling up. Now the new and improved side quests don’t distract from the main game and keep you coming back for more. The combat is still one of the best, but it does not do a lot to improve on it from the last game.

From first glance you might think it looks the same as the game before it, but it does not the artwork is beautiful and different from what we’ve seen before. Atreus is more of a help in this new game even being able to play as him in select missions.

Overall I think God of War Ragnarok is a must buy for anyone who loves this series, this is one of if not the best game in the series.