When protests aren’t peaceful anymore: from throwing tomatoes at Monet to potatoes at Van Gogh

When protests arent peaceful anymore: from throwing tomatoes at Monet to potatoes at Van Gogh

Clara McComb, Editor

Climate change protests across Europe have grabbed international attention due to the unconventional way activists are making their voices heard.

Protestors have started taking food with them into historical art museums and vandalizing famous pieces of artwork to raise awareness for climate change.

These activists have gone as far as smearing cake across the “Mona Lisa” and throwing tomato soup at Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers.” Once they’ve vandalized the painting, they superglue their hands to the wall while speaking about climate change.

Ruining a piece of priceless artwork is symbolic of how climate change is ruining our priceless planet, according to protestors.

These stunts are only one way activist groups have been protesting.The longer this has been going on, the more extreme protests have been getting.

Many  groups started blocking major roadways in London to make their cause heard. They did this by climbing over rails and into the middle of rush hour traffic, which caused people to be in standstill traffic for hours while police tried to get control of  protestors.

The group “Just stop oil” has labeled their actions as nonviolent civil disobedience meant to bring attention to the issues that they’re protesting.

They’ve definitely been successful in grabbing not only national but global attention with their actions. Videos of protests have gone viral on social media and responses have been very mixed. Some people think their actions are very morally wrong while others think that it’s a good way to raise awareness. Only time will tell the impact of these unconventional protests.