Colleen Kimbrough’s National Anthem Performance


Mary Kimbrough, Staff

During the October 28, 2022, Senior Night football game, Colleen Kimbrough, parent of senior Mary Kimbrough, sang the national anthem to kick off the game. She works as the assistant bookkeeper and substitute coordinator at PHS and was honored to sing at the game. Her daughter, Mary Kimbrough, interviewed her on her experience singing.

When asked, “How did you feel about singing publicly?” Kimbrough responded, “I was anxious- but more excited than anything else!” Kimbrough has had prior experience singing the national anthem at Richmond Flying Squirrels baseball games and Blessed Sacrament football games during her time there as a preschool teacher.

Her daughter also asked her, “Would you be willing to perform again in the future at Powhatan High School?” Kimbrough excitedly said, “Absolutely! I didn’t realize how much I truly missed performing until I was given the opportunity to again.”