Goochland Skatepark is Getting a Makeover


Luke Futrell, Staff Reporter

Goochland Skatepark is currently being renovated. Phase One started Tuesday, October 12 and the park will not be reopened until November 4.

Phase one entails tearing out the old tennis court ground and replacing it with fresh concrete. Some of the ramps currently at the park will be repaired as well. 

The park renovation is great news to skateboarders who often skate at Goochland Skatepark. For years, local skateboarders have been trying to renovate the park themselves, negotiate, and petition with Goochland Parks and Recreation.

So what’s new at the park?

The new park will feature two down-rails, a bank, new quarter pipes, a small stair set, hips, a bump to bar, a few hubbas, and most surprisingly, a bowl. 

This is a major upgrade from the broken down quarter pipes, DIY ledges, single flat bar, and other random obstacles that used to inhabit the park. The ground will also be completely resurfaced with concrete- finally, the days of having to avoid deep cracks and uneven ground are over. 

However this project will take time. By the first reopen date (November 4) all that will be completed is the right side half of the park. This section will feature a bank with two down-rails and a small set of stairs. It is still uncertain when the entire park will be fully rebuilt and renovated and when the next close/ reopen date will be. 

Many local skaters I have talked to are super excited about the renovation, yet a little skeptical. Goochland Parks and Recreation hasn’t always delivered on their promises when it comes to the skatepark. However, this project seems legit. 

There seems to be a resurgence of skateparks in the Richmond, VA area. Around 8 months ago Southside Skatepark finally opened up to the public after a long year of construction. Texas Beach DIY has grown exponentially throughout the past three years as well, and lastly there are a number of small DIY spots all around the area.

The Goochland Skatepark renovation comes as surprising to local skateboarders, however they are very grateful, and the community cannot wait for the project to be completed! 

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