Let’s go clubbing


Cameron Christopher

Students observing what the ‘BEATS’ club has to offer.

Cameron Christopher, Staff Reporter

Due to Covid-19 Powhatan High School pressed pause on school clubs. A lot of traditions have been inactive since 2020. Last year Powhatan had a limited club scene due to social distancing issues. Recently Powhatan held the first ‘club fair’ to reintroduce clubs back into students’ minds.

Powhatan has some returning clubs along with a lot of new clubs. What has seemed to be a fan favorite was the ‘BEATS’ club. Sponsors being Mr. Ownby and Mr. Smartscan. At the club fair they held ‘freestyling’ at their booth. This definitely got the students enthralled.

This month these clubs will be reuniting without limits for the first time since Covid-19 started. Students look out for what the clubs will be doing this year.