How Covid Crushes Public School Students Learning

How Covid Crushes Public School Students Learning

Taylor Brown, Staff Reporter

The coronavirus going around the last two years affected families, businesses, and more, but most importantly it affected the public school systems. 

Returning to school was better than virtual learning however, masks made it hard for the students to hear their teachers but also hard for their teachers to hear the students. Studies show that virtual learning was ineffective. Jessica Dickler from CNBC says “Other research also shows distance learning has caused a significant setback in achievement, particularly among Black and Hispanic students and students with disabilities.” That was because virtual learning was challenging for people who did not have wifi, kids who had to switch houses due to split households, and for students that struggle with money.

Teachers continue to rush through work and that makes it very difficult for students to catch up on missing work. Many students report feeling though they are being worked too hard or learning less. 

After lockdown ended many people were feeling as if their social skills were not as good as before lockdown. Officer Withers, an SRO at Powhatan High School said “Lots of kids are lacking social skills along with other important skills that are needed for the future.” The administration at Powhatan High School also agreed on that, along with a noticeable increase in students’ mental health.

In an interview with the administrators they made multiple important points. Mrs. Louth, an assistant principal at Powhatan High School said, “Virtual learning gave students a different way to show their knowledge. Some students learned that they do really well virtually.” Dr. Clements, also a principal at Powhatan High School, made a very interesting point: “anytime we need to miss a school day the schools can still provide virtual learning.” 

Covid was very stressful and affected the public school systems. Powhatan High School as a whole is at a turning point for the better. Teachers, students, administrators and more are learning new and interesting ways to teach eachother how to do better and get past all of the struggles. There is light at the end of the tunnel.