Indianettes Dance Team, PHS Cheerleaders and PHS Twirlers collaborate for fun new homecoming tradition!


Clara McComb, Editor

What started off as a regular performance by the beloved PHS Indianettes Dance Team quickly turned into a surprise show with other PHS performing groups!

Last week at the homecoming assembly, staff and students were shocked to see three of their favorite performing groups collaborating for one spectacular show. The surprise performance started off with the PHS Indianettes on the floor and the crowd went wild when the PHS Baton Twirlers joined them, followed by the PHS Cheer team.

The joint performance took lots of hard work, prior planning, long practices and teamwork, but the end result was definitely worth it.

The idea for this collaboration was started by Indianettes coach, Jenn Lyman. After a very successful season for the Indianettes last year, taking home the Grand Champs title at their competition, Coach Lyman was looking for a way to get more involved in the school community and build upon the prior season’s success.

When asked about her inspiration for this unique performance Lyman said, “I wanted to create something that would unite our performing groups as one team instead of three separate groups and I thought homecoming was a great time to do that.”

Dance team member, Tyler Overboe, also provided input into the behind the scenes.

“It was a really fun experience that I’m glad we did. Everyone loved it and it was so different from anything we’d done before which made it really exciting. Hearing how much everyone loved it made it really special.””

— Tyler Overboe

Incase you missed this special performance there’s a video attached below!