Marching Band: Behind The Scenes


2022-2023 Powhatan Marching Band Photo Credit: Powhatan Bands & Orchestras

Lauren Pike, Staff Reporter

Many hours are put into manufacturing a magnificent marching band, but what goes on behind the scenes?

There are many parts and people that go into making a marching band successful. Let’s look at some statements from people doing their part.

Drum Major Brandon King was extremely professional. He spoke on his experience so far in the season as “It’s been really nice because I have been able to work both on my authoritativeness and my leadership skills while also being able to help improve the band overall” ending with “It can be tough but as a whole it’s been a very pleasant experience.”

Drum Major Noah Lawson was next,  he explains the hardships with “ Well you have to be just like a staff or directory member. You have to be there, you have to be present, and you have to stay in the moment.” By watching and listening to what our drum majors have to say we can see just how responsible you have to be.

When asked to give advice for people wanting to join marching band King answered with “You’re going to be nervous and you’re going to make mistakes but that’s okay because it is a completely new experience. Also never be afraid to ask questions, there is always someone who can help you.” Lawson gave another piece of advice, “Just stick with it. I know it can be hard at times but in the end it’s so worth it and when you hit your last rep as a senior you’ll know what you’ve done and what you’ve left.”

Another part of the marching band that may not get as much attention is the Color Guard.

Color Guard Captain Helena Eanes was also extremely professional. She described her role with “Being a drum major isn’t actually that different from being a color guard captain. The only difference is that I’m not really held to the same regard as them. When the coach isn’t there, I am there to lead, take charge, and make sure that nothing goes wrong. If something does go wrong it’s on me.” Explaining the challenges, Eanes admits,  “For me personally the hardest thing is finding the right balance of control and friendship. I try not to be too stern with my leading but when I am too nice we get nothing done.” She also added “I need to prove that I can be a good captain when others aren’t around” Her advice for people wanting to join was “Have an open mind, the coach’s job is to be hard on you so you can improve. It’s about taking risks for rewards.” also adding “You’ll make great friends and bonds that will last lifetimes and that’s really all that matters.”

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  • Drum Major Brandon King leading the band during stand tunes at a home game. Photo Credit: Ryan Richardson

  • Drum Major Noah Lawson playing with the band during stand tunes at a home game. Photo Credit: Julian Toman

  • Color Guard Captain Helena Eanes performing her solo at the 2022 AiA Championships. Photo Credit: Lori Lawson

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Now that we have heard from student leadership Brandon King, Noah Lawson, and Helena Eanes, we can see that not only are they working their hardest but they have pure passion for the things they do. Having such a major role in marching band takes a lot of time, effort, and responsibility. So next time you watch the marching band perform make sure to keep in mind what everyone does behind the scenes of it all.