Midnight: The time keeping all “Swifties” on the edge of their seats


Clara McComb, Editor

Grab your cardigans and pumpkin spice lattes because it’s officially almost time for a new Taylor Swift album. In only twenty-three days, the official sounds of fall will return with the album “Midnights.”

The shocking news of Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album reached the public on August 28, 2022 at the VMAs award show. Swift was on stage accepting an award for one of her other vastly successful songs when she dropped one of the biggest news bombs on live television. 

“My brand new album comes out October 21st, I will tell you more at midnight,” the simple 15 words that sent an entire fanbase into chaos. Within minutes of her announcement “#TaylorSwiftVMAS” was already trending on twitter. Swift’s fans definitely know how to get excited. 

Thousands of people stayed up past their bedtime that fateful evening waiting for her late night announcement. At midnight, the news finally reached us.

“Midnights” will be Swift’s newest album containing thirteen songs. Each song will represent a different sleepless night she experienced in her life. 

Social media accounts and “Swifties” (Taylor’s fanbase) across the nation have been conspiring and coming up with ideas on what the album could be like. Hundreds of ideas and fans trying to crack the code, but only time will tell who ends up being right, 

On Swift’s social media accounts, she started a new segment called “Midnights Mayhem with Me” where on certain nights at 12am she announces the titles of her new songs. So far 4 songs have been announced but no release dates for any singles have been announced yet.

The overall vibe of this album so far has been pretty mysterious and dark. Fans can’t wait for this “new era” of Swift’s music with a more mature vibe. Song titles such as “Mastermind” and other titles that contain profanity is what has led her fans into believing that her music is maturing. 

Most of Swift’s fans have grown up listening to her music and it’s a nice touch that as they get older, the music is growing up as well. 

Cryptic messages, releases of merchandise and lots of buzz on social media have kept fans excited for this new album. With only a few weeks left until the release date, all of the questions about Swift’s new music should be answered soon…hopefully.