Suicide Awareness Month

Cameron Christopher, Staff Reporter

The month of September has been recognized as Suicide Awareness Month since 2008.

Suicide in teens is the second highest cause of death in America. 100 to 200 others attempt suicide. Those are only the attempts that are reported and recorded. Many attempts are unknown by family and friends let alone the government. 20 percent of high school students have reported ever having suicidal thoughts. The mental health affect of being quarantined from Covid-19 has also induced the suicide rate in teens. Covid-19 didn’t only affect the immune systems of citizens, but the mental health of citizens.

Teenage years are some of the hardest years to survive. You may not know of anyone who has attempted or committed suicide, but be assured that it is everywhere in our school, homes, and nation.

The 21st century may not have brought a lot of great things it seems, but it did bring up talking about mental health to be socially acceptable. Older generations didn’t experience less mental illnesses, it simply was something that wasn’t talked about. That is the hardest thing for this generation’s youth, some elder parents can’t see the signs as what they are.

If you or someone you know is ever experiencing suicidal thoughts, you have people who will listen. Talk to one of the PHS counselors confidentially. Call the suicide hotline at 988. Seek out counseling. Sometimes it may feel as if there is no one, but there is always someone.