Show Choir’s Success in 2022


Joshua Little, Reporter/Writer

Mr. Terrell Dean is in his fourth year as the director of the Powhatan High School choirs which have performed admirably during his tenure. In the music department, we have three choirs that are expanded to five during competition season. The competition season typically lasts from late January until early April.

The PHS choirs are: Radiance is a treble show choir that also performs as a treble concert choir. One Voice is a general choral class that works in tandem with Resonance to form the combined choir.  Resonance is a mixed-voice advanced show choir that also performs as a concert choir.

The choirs competed in several events in Virginia and West Virginia this year. This season, the One Voice Concert Choir competed four times and achieved Superior ratings in all of them. One Voice received another Superior grade and the “Blue Ribbon” award for Powhatan High School in the District 3 High School Choral Assessments. The “Blue Ribbon” Award is a rare honor that signifies that a school’s entire music department has been deemed Superior! One Voice received a third-place award and three first-place trophies in total.

This year, the show choirs competed as well! The treble show choir achieved Excellent ratings and improved their act with each performance in what is truly Radiance’s first complete competition season! This season, Resonance won many “Best Costume” and “Best Stage Crew” accolades. They achieved Superior ratings in every event and flew to West Virginia to compete against the best show choirs from both West Virginia and Virginia. Resonance placed fifth out of the five choirs who advanced to the finals after a difficult day (finals were the top 5 scoring choirs from the 17 choirs for the day). Resonance was named 2nd Runner Up to Grand Champion after a great performance, and was one of only two choirs to improve their preliminary scores!

A few significant honors include: At the Clover Hill “Mid Atlantic Show Choir Showdown” and Hanover High School’s “Festival of Choirs!” Chaytor Green was named “Best Male Soloist.” At Martinsburg High School’s “All American” competition in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Delanie Healy was named “Best Female Soloist” in the Treble Show Choir Division. Radiance’s Alyssa Sikes earned “Best Showmanship” in every competition!