Powhatan’s girl’s lacrosse team scores their way to a perfect record


Clara McComb, Staff Reporter

Powhatan’s Lady Lax team has earned its bragging rights as the only undefeated spring sport. With lots of hard work, dedication, and focus the Powhatan girls’ lacrosse team has managed to score themselves all the way to a perfect record, but the work is not over yet.

Many things contribute to a successful team but one of the most important aspects of team sports is being able to work together, and the girls’ lacrosse team has risen to the occasion in that aspect. 

According to coach Laura Camp, “These girls, they’re friends on and off the field” which is one of the main reasons the team has been so successful (The Powhatan Today). Chemistry between players on a team is always crucial when it comes to working together and achieving great results. 

Coach Camp also states “Playing multiple sports with each other really helps with that chemistry. They bring the chemistry from one sport to the other, and that has definitely helped with our success this season,” (The Powhatan Today). The athletes know each other so well and that really helps them to be one solid unit on the field, working almost as one.

Unity on the field has helped propel this team into the regional championship. However, teamwork is only one part of what makes a team successful.

All of the raw skill and talent that the players possess also contributes to the success of the team.  Many of these student athletes play lacrosse outside of school or play other sports alongside it meaning, “We don’t have just one or two players that are threats, all of them are.”

The talent that makes up this team led them to one of their most impressive wins of the regular season against Atlee. The Indians beat Atlee with a score of 11-10. That’s the closest point margin they’ve had in a game this season. It really boosted their confidence as a whole, knowing they could defeat such a talented program. 

They face off in two regional championship games this week so make sure to keep the support rolling in for our Lady Indians.

This season was an incredible run for both the Varsity and Junior Varsity girls’ lacrosse teams. With many talented players and an amazing coaching team, we can’t wait to see what future seasons have in store for our beloved Lady Lax team.