PHS Chorus Has Another Stellar Year In Competition


Michael Avery, Staff Reporter

Another competition season for the Powhatan High School Chorus has come and gone, and it was a phenomenal year for the group.  The chorus competition season runs from around the end of January to the beginning of April. All groups were under the direction of Mr. Terrell Dean.

Resonance (Mixed voice advanced show choir as well as a concert choir)

Resonance was always a threat to win, as they got a Superior rating at every competition they participated in. Their best performance this year was during the competition in Martinsburg, West Virginia: a multi-day event with 17 of the best show choirs in Virginia and West Virginia. That day, they made it to the Finals where they placed 5th out of the 5 choirs that made the Finals. On the final day, they placed runner-up to the Grand Champion, as well as being one of the two choirs that actually raised their scores from the preliminary competition. They also received Best Stage Crew and Best Costume awards multiple times. A notable award was that Chaytor Green won Best Male Soloist at Hanover High School’s “Festival of Choirs!” and at Clover Hill High School’s “Mid-Atlantic Show Choir Showdown”.

Radiance (All treble show choir as well as a concert choir)

This year, Radiance had their first true full competition season, and they were very impressive this season. The choir received Excellent ratings and improved after every performance until they achieved a Superior rating. At Martinsburg High School’s competition in Martinsburg, West Virginia, Delanie Healy won Best Female Soloist in the Treble Show Choir Division.  Alyssa Sikes shone, winning Best Showmanship at every competition.

One Voice (General choir class that pairs with Resonance to make the combined Concert Choir One Voice)

One Voice competed four times this year and earned a Superior rating at every competition. They got 1st 3 times and 3rd place one time.  At the District 3 High School Choral Assessments, One Voice received a Superior rating, as well as getting the Blue Ribbon award, an honored award that means that ALL music programs at a school are a Superior rated.

All the information in this article was provided by Terrell Dean, director of the PHS Chorus.