The JROTC banquet


Kaitlin Farmer, Staff Reporter

When was the banquet?

PHS JROTC students had a banquet on May 11th 2022 in the Auditorium at 5:30 pm.

What was rewarded to the cadets?

Friends and family gathered around to watch all the hard working cadets earn medals and ribbons for volunteering, upstanding academics, and being a model cadet. Some cadets were recruited by instructors who thought they would do excellent in certain programs.

Who were the seniors that told speeches?

Garret Albert (Italian Commander), Matthew Shores (Supply officer),  and Jacob Lewis (Company and commander) were seniors a part of JROTC, they told speeches about how their experiences were in Powhatan high school, their instructors they had, their family, and thanked everyone who was with them until graduation.

What does JROTC teach?

The JROTC program teaches communication, leadership, discipline, teamwork, and fitness. JROTC helps students gain responsibility, and it strengthens citizenship skills.

Student quote

Madison Wellborn a freshman in Powhatan High school said “Being in JROTC helped her step out of her comfort zone and they were like her family .” She also shared that ” JROTC will turn the quietest kid into the most talkative one and that it is such an amazing experience to be there.”