Stop the Traffic

human trafficking needs a red light


Shaniece Morris, reporter

Everyday there is a estimated 40.3 million victims being held in the overwhelming circle of bondage, called human trafficking. Human trafficking is a crime in which men, women, and children are kept captive and being forced to perform certain actions against their will.

This has been an issue all over the world and the issue continues to grow, as some forget about the importance of the issue.

Many of your favorite vacation spots could be a hotspot for the cause. For example places such as Mexico, Houston, New York City, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Atlanta. These places attract a lot of young tourists, specifically college students and people around the age of 21. Human traffickers take advantage of these people through social media ,inviting them to fake events and parties, and through violence and threats.

Women and children are primarily the most targeted people in this industry. Most women are being trafficked for sexual relations and pleasure, while most men are being trafficked for labor.

What’s the impact on human trafficking ?

Human trafficking impacts the victim as well as the people the victim has surrounded themself with,as well as witnesses. We have learned from survivors of the issue that the things that are done to them and around them are hard to speak up about and even harder to experience.All can cause PTSD,anxiety,depression,and other mental disorders.This can also affect a person’s trust issues,views of the world and just the innocence that humanity can give you.

Is Human trafficking on the rise or downfall? 

This form of  “modern day slavery” is on the rise between the pandemic, the rise of social media, and just the internet in general.

How can I help?

You can help by paying attention to your surroundings, reporting suspicious activities, and researching places and events before attending them.


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