Medical Testing on Animals: Cruel and Unusual


Kaitlyn Hancock, Reporter

Animal abuse is a serious issue that should not be tolerated whatsoever. Despite anti-cruelty laws that have passed in Virginia after some truly horrific cases, like Tommie’s Law, animal abuse remains a problem. Animals, just like humans, feel pain. 

Daily reports come in of cases where animals are being harmed whether through neglect, being used for testing, or experimental breeding. 

Multiple facilities have been found using animals for “research.” A recent investigation done in Cumberland VA, uncovered issues and health violations at a huge beagle breeding facility, Envigo, which breeds and sells beagles for research and medical testing. The conditions inside the facility are inhumane. Puppies as young as 3 months old are being left outside in harsh weather and deprived of food.

Envigo’s website gives the appearance of an upfront medical research company. A white mouse is cradled in the gloved hands of a researcher. There is no indication of the reality of what their test subjects endure.

The General Assembly in Virginia has been taking action to shut down Envigo immediately. The number of reports about the facility began to concern the assembly members so much that they decided to investigate further.

Some facilities “adopt out” after experimentation. The animals may still be experiencing symptoms from drugs when sold off to private owners without the owners even knowing. Weeks later the animals become sick and owners have no idea why. 

People who have been found abusing animals have been arrested with multiple charges. In a report recent from 8 News, Johann Connelly was arrested with multiple counts of animal cruelty. Dogs, cats, birds, horses, and even geese were found living in extremely unsanitary conditions in her home. 

The abuse and neglect that these animals go through isn’t talked about enough. Multiple groups and companies have come together to help but its not enough.

What can be done to help them?

There isn’t much we can do. But we can donate to organizations that are dedicated to helping save them such as the ASPCA and The Humane Society of the United States.

If you can, donate to these organizations to get these animals the help they deserve. No pet or animal at all deserves to be treated like this.