A United Nation: Student Submitted Poem by Lillian Golden


A United Nation


Our country is called the United States of America

But I don’t see a United States

I see a divided nation of red and blue, black and white

These are simple colors, yet they are the center of our fights

I see a broken country in need of restoration

And I wonder what it’s like to live in a united nation

A nation where everyone is considered equal

And a nation where we could all be fairly represented by the eagle

And where the phrase “we the people” truly applies to all the people

A nation where instead of judging a book by its cover

We could simply try to learn and discover 

What it means to agree to disagree

And what it’s like to truly see

A nation with a justice system with no racial unfairness

A nation where we could all freely raise awareness

For our beliefs and the things we stand for

Without being harassed and thrown out the door 

Out into a country experiencing a large political divide

Can we please just for once set our differences aside

Because the founding of our country was equality and freedom…right?

“With liberty and justice for all!” they said

They didn’t tell us people would be dead

Because of opinions, because of beliefs

Because we can’t simply try and see

Eye to eye with the other point of view

We have to be angry, we have to pursue

This constant need for disagreement, frustration

This won’t help unite our already broken nation

We don’t need to constantly argue, constantly fight

Always disagree on who’s wrong and who’s right

Maybe if we just sit down and talk it out

Maybe one day we’ll learn to not scream and shout 

But instead understand one another’s beliefs

Maybe one day we’ll all be at peace

No more disagreements, no more frustration

Maybe one day, we’ll have a united nation

Where all of us can agree to disagree

And all of us can see the way others see

Where we can love one another, no matter what they believe

And all of us can help one another achieve

Our goals, our ideas, our thoughts, our creations

Maybe one day, this will be our united nation

And maybe just maybe, one day

We will actually listen to what others have to say

We’ll be able to see past the opposite sides

And really try to understand why

People see things from the perspective they do

And why their perspective might be different than me and you

Maybe one day we’ll see past the color of skin

And see the identity within

A hum a  a pers

on just like me and you

We are all the same, I promise it’s true

No matter how opposite we may seem

If we see the inside of a person

We might be able to redeem

This broken country, this crumbled nation

The one that was the reason for Europe’s immigration

Over 200 years ago

The one that helped other nations grow 

But somehow as a nation in ourselves

We seem to put others opinions on shelves

We put them away and refuse to give them a look

Instead of trying to at least understand

All we can do is point out what others mistook

What others got wrong and why we are right

What if one day, someone turned on the light in our brains that said

“Hey, maybe they have thoughts too”

Then maybe you might see past the self-centered “you”

Who knew you were so focused on your thoughts

You forgot

Others might not have entire assent

But they too have thoughts meant to be voiced and heard

And maybe you think this is utterly absurd

But put yourself in their shoes

If you came from their background

Maybe you would choose

To believe what they believe

I’ll be honest with you all

I stand for the flag and kneel at the cross

And right now I feel like this nation is lost

I’m trying very hard to see things from both sides

So can we please just for once set our differences aside

Because we don’t need to all completely agree

All we need to do is see

What others believe and why they believe it

And what you can do to help them achieve

Their goals, ideas, thoughts, and creations

Because if we all do this, maybe one day

We’ll have a united nation

  • Lillian Golden