Medford League is back in action!


The Medford League is back in action! There were so much fun and action supporting these special-ed students playing basketball because not every kid gets the opportunity to play an organized game like this. We will being having some games we can attend this year. Shoutout to Steve Brown for the 4th quarter buzzer beater!
We were so glad to play our first game in almost 2 years. We hosted the Cosby Titans and both teams came ready to play. Our freshman were new to the experience and enjoyed the competition, camaraderie, and excitement that The Medford League provides. Our veteran players were so happy to get back on the court. When the game was over, one student commented about how he forgot how much he liked the game. Our peer buddies from our Adaptive PE class really got into this first game. They were announcers, referees, score keepers and all around support and helpers. Their encouragement motivates the players to do their best and just have fun.  The game today seemed to unite everyone in the gym from players, to competitors to spectators to teachers to administrators to families. While Powhatan won on the scoreboard, everybody won in their heart. A special thank you to all of our CBI peer buddies, our supportive administration, Mr. Llewelyn and the PE department, Coach Foos and Chaytor Green for beginning the game by honoring our country with the National Anthem.
-Mrs. Meade