The Website Behind “Keep Powhatan Rural” Signs

Proposed development plans for Meadow Grove

Proposed development plans for Meadow Grove

Tucker Thomas, Staff Reporter

Over the past year several white yard signs have been popping up at stop signs, traffic lights, or other areas that cars frequently travel. The signs are found throughout Powhatan but are mainly focused around Schroeder Rd just south of PHS. With the words “Keep Powhatan Rural” and presented across the front and back of the signs.

Upon visiting the website the title “Say No To Meadow Grove Development” appears along with survey plans and screenshots of the area planned for development via google maps. The development in question would include the creation of  “a cluster of 24 lots in the field and pines”,  with the average size of each lot being 3.17 acres and a minimum of 2.65 acres. Complaints of this proposed development come as the website states “The developer has not been forthcoming with the neighbors and the community about development and its negative impacts on our rural community.” showing opposition against the developers actions.

Area of proposed development along Schroeder Rd. Via Google Maps.

Later on the site features a section titled “Questions From The Community” in the areas of effect on wildlife, traffic, safety, and the environment in the area affected by the addition of 24 houses. Overall most of the concern is focused on the consequences that arise in the forms of increased traffic on Schroeder Rd. as well as the watershed/light pollution challenges. Showing how an increase in housing can cause adverse effects to the area, providing the reasoning behind keeping Powhatan “rural”.

So the next time you see one of those black text on white yard signs you’ll know the motivation, reasoning, and thought behind the concept of keeping the country rural for just a while longer.